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Childcare Programs in St. John’s & Area for Early Childhood Development

The staff of Rainbow Daycare Centre Ltd. is committed to providing exceptional childcare programs at all of our locations in the St. John’s Metro Region. You can rest assured that our staff of early childhood educators follows a rigorous safety code and will always place your child’s best interest as their top priority. Children are given 2 snacks a day as well as a homemade lunch to stay engaged and productive. We also keep extensive immunization records on our students, assuring the health and safety of everyone who attends Rainbow Daycare Centre Ltd. Call us for more information on our creative and educational childcare programs.

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Guiding Children at Rainbow Daycare Centre Ltd.

Rainbow Daycare implements a positive reinforcement policy and praises children whenever possible, being careful not to overdo it.

Rules are simple and clearly explained so that children not only know the rules, but know the reason for the rules. Rules are kept consistent and appropriate for the child’s age and developmental level. Great care is taken not to overdo the number of rules. If and when problems arise, the children are reminded that it is the behaviour not the child that is in question. If the child’s behaviour continues, the child is redirected to another area and it is explained why they were redirected to the other area. Children are encouraged to return when they are ready and rewarded with words and encouragement.

All children are individuals who develop at different stages, therefore children need to be respected for who and what they are.

Learn More About Our Childcare Programs

Talk to one of team members to learn more about our childcare programs. Rainbow Daycare is more than happy to provide details on the types of programming, play time, and field trips we orchestrate.

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