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Our Philosophy at Rainbow Daycare Centre Ltd.

At Rainbow Daycare Centre Ltd., we believe that it is very important to provide the best quality care for all children in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff believes that all children learn through play and with hands-on experience. At Rainbow Daycare, the children will have the opportunity to make their own choices whenever possible and to explore the materials provided. We would like the children to learn all they can while in our care and also enjoy their time. 

Developmentally Appropriate Programs

It is very important to us that our programs be developmentally appropriate for all age groups. All children have different strengths, interests, and individual needs. All our children will be seen as individuals, and by knowing the children and doing observations, we will work together to ensure that all their needs are being met. At our centres, children come from different cultural and social backgrounds. Our staff is keen to recognize these differences and ensure that all of our children feel safe and supported at all times. The children need to feel respected by the adults around them, that they are a part of the environment and that they are actively involved in the daily routine as much as possible.

The Role of Parents & Families

The parents of our children will play a very important part in our program from orientation of the children to our centre to their graduation from Rainbow Daycare. It is very important for the staff to know the children’s families to better understand the children and their needs and personalities. Parents are welcome at our centre at all times and are encouraged at any time to ask questions, seek a referral, or to share information with the staff concerning safety and other similar activates. They also may contribute to supplies, dress up clothes, and more. 

Building Community

At Rainbow Daycare, we feel that the children, families, and our staff make up the community in which we live and that we all have a responsibility to respect one another and contribute positively to our community. The management and staff of Rainbow Daycare take this responsibility very seriously and recognize that we play a very important role in the lives of the families and children who choose to attend Rainbow Daycare. It is our goal to provide high quality, inclusive and accessible programs which are developmentally appropriate for the children in our care. We feel that high quality childcare provides a solid foundation for the future successes of all children.

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